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Positional Needs Heading into the Offseason


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31 minutes ago, aceinthehouse said:

This guy points out, what I've been trying to say. So I'll quote him here.


Posted 4 minutes ago

People bringing up Sims and Brown. They're just guys. Largely a dime a dozen. Talented sure, but neither project to be anyone that scares the opposing D.


You need three. Yes THREE legitimate receiving threats. We have one for sure in McLaurin. MAYBE Samuel is one, we'll see. That still leaves us needing one more.


The Cowboys drafted Lamb when they had Gallup and Cooper. The Bengals drafted Chase when they had Higgins and Boyd.


We need more weapons


Now he's advocating drafting a WR in the 1st...

But I actually want to dbl down on this thoughts.

I would sign Julio Jones first...

THEN maybe draft a WR in the first, if he's the player the coaches want. But your not forced too in any capacity.

Can you imagine having Julio Jones & drafting Olave?

We would have 

#1)Terry McLaurin

#2)Julio Jones

#3)Curtis Samuels

And Cam Sims, Dyami Brown & Olave at #4,5 & 6 in no specific order.

Any other WR's would be camp fodder or practice squad, as we probably won't carry more than 6.

Now THAT, is a wide receiving core!

That is what we need to do for Carson Wentz.


Julio  -- 33 years old , getting a bit long in tooth .. IDK about overpaying for an old name.

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We need to sign a good veteran LB who’s a better MLB option than David Mayo who’d be our starting MLB if the season today. Currently, that’s still our most glaring and truly unacceptable hole on this team. 

I saw something that we could be considering signing last years Panthers MLB Jermaine Carter who was fine but nothing to write home about.

I’m shocked we didn’t sign Nick Vigil, his deal was only $1.77 million. 🤷‍♂️

Another MLB they could sign on the cheap if they can’t get someone Bobby Wagner is Tahir Whithead who’s a good veteran leader that Mayhew drafted in Detroit and he played in Carolina on their good D in 2020. 

Others in my personal order: 

1. Joe Schobert 

2. Dont’a Hightower 

3. Danny Travathan

4. AJ Johnson 

5. Neville Hewitt 

6. Anthony Hitchens

7. Alec Ogeltree

8. Kenny Young

9. Nick Kwiatkowski

10. LJ Fort


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49 minutes ago, Slappy Mc said:

Bobby Wagner is visiting with the Ravens.


We should make sure since he is in the area that we bring him in for a visit. This would mean he is amenable to being on the East Coast.

Come on bro. You know they aren’t going to even entertain it. I’ve given up caring about what’s left out there. They aren’t signing anyone. 

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30 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

Come on bro. You know they aren’t going to even entertain it. I’ve given up caring about what’s left out there. They aren’t signing anyone. 

I agree...

I was hoping that when they solved the QB position, that they would have the foresight to strengthen positions to make us a strong playoff contender.

If this was year 1 under Ron, I would totally understand being quiet in free agency & waiting to see what players on the roster were worth keeping or not the following year.

But here we are in yr 3 of Ron's tenure & nothing besides signing a few of our own players.

As much as I like the trade for Wentz? It's still a risky move & we don't know how Wentz will play for us. You would think that being aggressive at least on the Offensive side of the ball, would make sense for helping his success & the team.

I realize they want to focus on the draft & that's how you build a team & get younger.

But sometimes you need to be aggressive when targeting a player that you know will fit your scheme. Plus, adding experienced & talented veterans to a young roster can help develop & mold success even earlier.

He must have a lot of faith in the youth on this roster to let pro bowlers & needs go to other teams.

I know we have to manage a cap, but Ron hasn't won more than 7 games in a season since he's been here. (Including the division at 7-9)

Although we have obviously needed a better QB than what we've had, I'm not sure that that is the only reason for our sub .500 record, either.

We've had inconsistent play on Defense, as well as injuries that have affected our ability to maximize our success.

But I don't & do not think we were a QB away from being a SB contender.

So when I see us playing possum this whole free agency period, I'm dumbfounded by the strategy that Ron & the team are implamenting.

Simply put....I just don't get it.

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6 hours ago, MKnight82 said:

You have to wonder if some of these vets will wait around to see what happens in the draft first before they sign somewhere. 

I don’t think the vets do, I know the teams do though. It seems like not much happens after the first waive of FA until after the draft.

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6 hours ago, lavar703 said:

Isn’t Rashaan Evans still out there? 

Yes it seems he is. Maybe he’s not considered a MLB by spotrac bc he’s only 232 pounds instead of near 240-250. He may be considered an OLB on their site. I definitely think he could play MLB though and I’d like to sign him but I’m sure they won’t bc when do they ever do something we want?

Very rarely 😂 😢 

Here is the list of ProFootball Networks best LBs available:

“There are a number of intriguing free agent options set to be available at linebacker this offseason. Which of them are the most exciting as we look at what the 2022 offseason might bring.

1. Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks
2. Dont’a Hightower, New England Patriots
3. Kenny Young, Denver Broncos
4. Anthony Walker Jr., Cleveland Browns
5. Anthony Hitchens, Kansas City Chiefs
6. Reggie Ragland, New York Giants
7. Jermaine Carter, Carolina Panthers
8. Alec Ogletree, Chicago Bears
9. Jayon Brown, Tennessee Titans
10. Kwon Alexander, New Orleans Saints
11. Kyzir White, Los Angeles Chargers
12. Kyle Van Noy, New England Patriots
13. Jermaine Carter Jr., Carolina Panthers
14. Keanu Neal, Dallas Cowboys
15. Rashaan Evans, Tennessee Titans
16. Alexander Johnson, Denver Broncos”


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On 3/29/2022 at 9:02 AM, Slappy Mc said:

"No one wants to come here"

Ron Rivera: "Plenty of (former Panther) players want to come here"

I wouldn’t be surprised if AJ Klein is going to be our starting MLB next year bc Rivera had him in Carolina or, I’ve been hearing lately that they may move Holcomb to MLB. If they do that then they still have to find another starting LB for the SLB spot.

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On 4/8/2022 at 4:34 PM, MikeT14 said:

This doesn't affect change at our need at CB but I didn't even know he was on the team.



I remember finding out he had been signed to a futures contract a few weeks ago or a month ago and I was shocked too. Oh well.

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