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BDL Discussion Thread 2022


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2 hours ago, wwhickok said:

Having said that @WFLukic has already stated he is taking a step back and now Pheltz has quit so we essentially need 2 new owners.

@Whicker you wanna get back in the ring? There's a spot open in my division.

I feel like I’ve been in the ring the whole time! You know… as like a ref or something 

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2 hours ago, pheltzbahr said:

BDL has run its course for me.  I hearby rescind my ownership of the Gotham Gashslayers.  I'll certainly offer my help in transition to the new owner, but don't count on me to participate going forward.  Its been an awesome run that started with the CMD over a decade ago; please know I appreciate you all and consider you internet family.

I wish you the best. 

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40 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

The thing about @MWil23 becoming an owner and dont get me wrong I think he would be really good at it, is that he is 50% of what makes Cancun so good. Blue and Mwil have a great chemistry as coaches. 

Thanks buddy that means a lot!

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