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Jimmy G 9-17 105 yrds 1 int - SF failed to score twice inside GB's 25 yard line... trail 10-3 with 5 min and change left....

oops as typing SF scored on Blocked punt  game now tied 10-10 with 4:40 left.......

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SF beats GB.... with a FG as time expires...   GB scored 3 points after the opening drive...  as a team SF had three drives that reached GB's 25 yard line scored 3 points...  

GB had 1 TO, a fumble and missed a 39 yrd FG at end of 1st half..  

GB also only had three drives inside SF 3 yard line..

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2 hours ago, The_Slamman said:
On 1/20/2022 at 1:04 AM, The_Slamman said:

Most of the time it was from Dak holding onto the ball way too long.  The biggest criticism of Dak is that we waits for receivers to break open instead of anticipating the break.  


Just like I predicted that Dak was going to struggle against the 9ers, I’ll make a similar prediction against the same defense… Aaron Rodgers will look like he’s got great protection and won’t struggle.  I say this knowing that the Packers are missing 3 starters on the OL.  Can you imagine if Dak was missing 3 starters?  

just watch… A-Rod will get the ball out quickly and properly slide protections.  I’ll say it again, sacks are mostly a QB stat.  

So far… it kinda looks like My prediction is coming true.  Imagine that.

As you were saying?

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