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New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills Wild Card Round

The Third Rider

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1 minute ago, Nex_Gen said:

Can't argue that. December hit and they completely lost their mojo. Or maybe they just got exposed.

Probably got exposed.  There's not a lot to it.  Run game is the strength, pass game is sus.  I'll be really worried if it doesn't progress next season


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1 minute ago, Deadpulse said:

I know I have beaten the drum to death, but this is an inexperienced team making inexperienced mistakes. 

I agree to a point. Almost all the veterans sting and are making mistakes or showing no effort.  McCorty nice play. Hightower embarrassing effort.

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Just now, The Third Rider said:

They dont have the talent to match the Bills. They are clearly a level above us in that department. Coaching is a wash at this point.

I don't think coaching a wash. I think our coaches stink. ST useless and who designed this defensive mesh Bills kid!!! BB great but he cant do everything.

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1 minute ago, The Third Rider said:

Need to clean up house this offseason, some of the vets are no longer worth keeping for their experience alone. Need to inject more athleticism, need weapons on the outside. 

And get some good coaching. I wouldn't care if Flores comes in with his own new coaching staff.

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