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Giants Fire Joe Judge


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1 minute ago, Go_Giants said:

I do too but he also hurt himself badly with the 11 minute rant and the QB sneak wishbone on 3rd and 9.

Not saying he didn't.  I haven't watched the game but it could have been one of those deals where they were just looking to give their punter a little room.  Or maybe he did it because his backs sure weren't helping the team out.  Not really sure of why he did it, season was over long ago...haha.

None of these things were talked about last season.  Heck we all thought he was a solid pick up.  I think what broke him was the way the GM managed the team.

All I'm saying is he was dealt a **** hand.


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1 hour ago, viking said:

Trade down from one of your first rounders and draft one? or stay put? or free agent stop gap?

Nope focus on building this damn o-line for once and then we focus on the QB after. Only trade down if the compensation is worth it. 

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1 minute ago, minutemancl said:

Just so everyone knows, they created new rules this year for the draft. You are allowed to draft both OL and QB. 

Didn't you make a thread about the state of our offensive line?  We'll have Thomas as a true starter...most of the other contracts are dead now and the ones we do have I wish their contracts were expired.

We don't have much money so drafting two legit starters for the line would make Daniel Jones a better quarterback, no?

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