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Giants Fire Joe Judge


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3 hours ago, minutemancl said:

You contradicted yourself there. You make moves to improve the team, but not all of them pan out. What happens if you make moves to improve the roster, while specifically excluding QB, and never actually do because you miss? You're missing out on lottery tickets for no reason.

As far as the Lauletta/Russ comment, you are definitely correct. However, if you do happen to hit on a mid round pick and that guy does turn into a franchise QB, you just hit the jackpot. That is the single biggest improvement to a team you can possibly make. Look at how teams who hit on QBs in the mid to late rounds (Seahawks, Patriots, Cowboys) were able to immediately and efficiently build around them and create contenders. With the bust rate of mid round picks overall, I'd rather take a chance every year at winning the lottery. Goes without saying, but if you get to round 3 and your evaluations tell you none of the remaining QBs have any redeemable traits and will never turn into anything, obviously you pass. But if there is a chance, I'd take it.

My comments are not a general philosophy on how I would build any team. The 2022 Giants cannot afford to be using any meaningful picks on a QB flier. If you want to take a flier after the 4th round I guess knock your socks off but rounds 1-4 they need to build out the rest of the roster. Now if they were in love with a qb at the top of the draft I can't fault them for taking him because there's no guarantee you'll be there again BUT I still wouldn't prefer it. Anything from Rd 2-4 on a QB is wasting a pick and damaging the rest of the roster. And honestly I'd rather take my chances hitting on other positions Rd 5-7 too.

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