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Talent Acquisition and Separation


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I changed the title to cover all forms of player movement.

We are in the postseason but also the off-season. Talent acquisition has racheted up a notch. In the last few days the team has signed list of players.

The Chiefs have also (in addition to reactivitng Joshua Kaindo) signed seven players to Reserve/Futures contracts for 2022: wide receivers Omar Bayless, Gary Jennings and Mathew Sexton, defensive tackles Darius Stills and Lorenzo Neal Jr., tight end Jordan Franks and running back Brenden Knox.

Stills is the son of former Chiefs defensive end Gary Stills, who played for the team from 1999 through 2005. And yes... Neal is the “Junior” to the All-Pro fullback who had a 16-year career with seven different NFL teams — most notably the then-San Diego Chargers from 2003 through 2008.

As of 1 February, the draft situation

Round 1, Pick 30
Round 2, Pick 30
Round 3, Pick 30
Round 3, TBD (compensatory pick for Ryan Poles)
Round 4, Pick 30
Round 7, Pick 12 (via Minnesota)
Round 7, Pick 21 (via Las Vegas from New England)
Round 7, Pick 30

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The story continues. The Chiefs released four players from PS. This is usualy in anticipation of acquisitions, eg Austin Edwards and Prince Tego Wahnogho in 2021. 

Players released. 
-TE Nakia Griffin-Stewart
-DE/LB Shilique Calhoun
-DB Josh Jackson
-LB Elijah Sullivan

Among other moves, the Chiefs signed DT Andrew Billings and OT Roderick Johnson to PS. 


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one more  .. DB Damon Arnette, a 2020 first round pick by the Raiders.


Arnette, a cornerback who went to the Raiders with the 19th overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft, was a huge disappointment and was released in November of 2021 after a video surfaced of him displaying a gun and making threats. But the Chiefs decided to give Arnette a chance by signing him to a reserve/futures contract today, according to Field Yates of ESPN.


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Yet another 1st round CB.

In this case it's not an injury problem, rather off the field--making threats on camera and brandishing guns. 

1 hour ago, kingseanjohn said:

Hate this signing with a passion. 

I get that. We already have one gun-related situation.  

I really like the Joe Jackson signing. He's the long-'n-lean sort of DE that Spagnuolo prefers. If nothing else, he's insurance for Alez Okafor.  

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On 1/20/2022 at 6:52 PM, kingseanjohn said:

It’s different though. Clark wasn’t threatening to kill people on a live stream with his gun. Plus I never really liked his talent coming out. Bad player and worse person imo. 

It didn't take long for Arnette to screw up. he's gone.

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Today is one of the red circle days. In this case it's for reserve/futures contracts. This article gives a short note on each of the 13 players the Chiefs signed. Many are familiar.

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37 minutes ago, kingseanjohn said:

So we lost Kafka to the Giants OC job. Now EB getting an interview...

If EB gets hired we only gain one additional 3rd round pick for 2024 since we already got two for Poles. But more importantly, who would we elevate to OC? Glancing at the coaching roster, no one really stands out to me.

I honestly don’t mind that much.   It might be a blessing to kind of dumb down how the plays are being relayed in.   Always confused me some guys I’d see Reid in the headset, other games Eric B.   I doubt Reid has a shortage of guys in mind. 

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