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Predict the Playoffs

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On 1/14/2022 at 9:22 AM, DontTazeMeBro said:

Steelers at Chiefs

Patriots at Bills

Raiders at Bengals

Eagles at Buccaneers 

49ers at Cowboys 

Cardinals at Rams


Patriots at Titans

Bengals at Chiefs

Cardinals at Packers

Cowboys at Buccaneers 


Chiefs at Titans

Cowboys at Packers


Titans vs Cowboys 

I’d like to change to Buffalo over Dallas 

I know I know too late

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On 1/14/2022 at 1:23 PM, Uncle Buck said:

Wild Card Weekend

Raiders at Bengals - This one could go either way, but the Raiders are a scrappy bunch and pull out a close one.
Patriots at Bills - Bill Belichick has done an incredible job of rebuilding, but the Bills are just too much to handle.
Steelers at Chiefs - Patrick Mahomes kills Big Ben's dream of riding off into the sunset with a Lombardi trophy.

Cardinals at Rams - L.A. has too much talent and Matthew Stafford proves he can win in the playoffs.
49ers at Cowboys - This might be the best game of the whole playoffs.  Cowboys win in a shootout.
Eagles at Buccaneers - Philly's only chance is a surprise dose of Minshew Mania.  They don't play him, and it Hurts them.


Divisional Round

Raiders at Titans - The Raiders limit Derrick Henry in his return and find a way to win once again.
Bills at Chiefs - Could have been a shootout, but inclement weather slows down the offenses and Chiefs win at home.

Rams at Packers - The California team gets frozen in their tracks in the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.
Cowboys at Bucaneers - The 'Boys have more firepower that even the GOAT can keep up with.


Conference Championship Games

Raiders at Chiefs - Raiders are a team of destiny this year and surprise everyone as they advance to the big game.

Cowboys at Packers - Mike McCarthy "pulls a Favre", as he comes back to Green Bay and schools his former team.


Super Bowl LVI

Cowboys vs. Raiders - The Cowboys are favored, but as we've seen many times over the years, the "best team" doesn't always win.  John Madden goes crazy, runs around the cloud, and gives Pat Sumerall, Al Davis, and Kenny Stabler a high five as they watch from heaven as the clock counts down to zero and the Raiders win the Super Bowl!

Well, this didn't age well.  Back to the drawing board...

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