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What does Vegas really think

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45 minutes ago, Sasquatch said:

I agree a smart, physical brand of football is needed to be the best in the playoffs.  Take it to them, not the other way around. Beat the man in front of you.

Even going back to the Ice Bowl.  The Packers spent a good part of that game doing nothing.  The Cowboys took the lead before the final drive.  We all know the ending and it worked but some very questionable strategy at the end.

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It's bad business to give excessive margins in the NFL playoffs. Mostly because 1 off games can be unpredictable. Rodgers could get hurt in snap 2 and then the numbers shift drastically. Still, you're talking about basically the only team since week 1 (and apart from the lions game) to cover consistently, which I think should be read as the GB Packers are better than Vegas thinks they are.  

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On 1/13/2022 at 12:22 PM, Outpost31 said:

Because the Packers are a pretender team again. Their defense relies on turnovers. It’s not a good defense. It’s soft.

The Packers are going to get blown out of their own building again in probably the Championship game again and it’s once again going to be because the defense won’t be able to stop anybody without a turnover.


So losing by 5 points in a conference championship game now constitutes a blow out?

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