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Former Broncos and Bears ILB DJ Williams admits McDaniels led Broncos team cheated


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4 minutes ago, Kip Smithers said:

If it wasn’t SF must have been another team in Red. Who did they play right after 6-0? 

The Ravens and then Steelers. 

The first red flag in that story is DJ saying they played the 49ers, because I remember vividly during the 2006 the Broncos choked away a playoff spot by losing at home to the 49ers. So they wouldn't have played for another 4 years. 

Anyway, not a big deal. Just looks like former players joking around telling big fish stories. 

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1 hour ago, SkippyX said:

Both were there for the McDaniels tenure. Who cares about any other year?

Dawkins was on the 2004 Eagles who lost to the Patriots.

Dawkins is a Hall of Famer and a highly respected player and person. Like Man of they Year type respect.

If some dude is talking ish then yes, Dawkins (or Champ Bailey maybe) would be a good person to check against that BS.

Champ wouldn't say spit if his mouth was full of it. Dawkins was all those things but not for us was my point

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Camera guy caught before a game they didnt play, McD was fired a week later, then lead the team to a 6-8 record the rest of the season. Thats just the contradictions in his own head canon since Josh went on to coach a whole nother year in Denver lol

This don't belong in news yall lol

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