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Draft question for Charger's fans.


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Jordan Davis is a fairly logical choice here. Our run d was horrible especially on the line. It was common to have the line pushed back giving even average RBs easy yards. 


Beyond that you could look at corner as being another big need. Davis regressed, ASJ had concussion issues, and Chris Harris Jr was horrible but thankfully gone. After that the team has basically nobody worth mentioning. I wouldn't be shocked if a few DBs were taken in the draft depending on what happens in free agency.


Right tackle is another position that will need to be sorted out as well as possibly right guard though I expect they try to bring Aboushi back as he played very well before injury last year. Do I think they use their 1st for that, I have my doubts, but its definitely a position of need currently.


The fun choice, and possibly more realistic than people think, would be going for one of the top WRs. A lot of it depends on what the team ends up doing with Mike Williams though I wouldn't rule out WR in the first even if they bring him back depending on how the team feels about keeping Keenan Allen.


I have a suspicion that they bring Williams back, draft a top WR this year, then unless Keenan has a stellar year they move on from him. He still has 3 more years on the books but after this coming season he could be cut to save $19m cap with only 2.7m dead cap for 2 years. He would be going on 31 which is usually the start of the downward trend for a lot of guys and he's already not the fastest guy in the building. Just don't see them wanting to pay him $22m plus Williams $20m+. Moving on in 23' with a group of Williams, Palmer, and the 1st rounder from this year would probably be smart long term. 

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I want the Pass rusher Johnson out of FSU but not sure he'll be avaliable. Same with CB and dreamin Stingley jr can fall to us. If neither arent avaliable I'd take BPA at RT or WR. Davis is no from me due to his weight and the fact that Georgia did everything possible to limit his snaps.

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