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MCU TA - Round 2 - He Who Remains (20) vs Ancient One (13)


Round 2 - Section 4  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. 20th seed vs 13th seed

    • He Who Remains (20)
    • Ancient One (13)

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  • Poll closed on 01/26/2022 at 10:00 PM

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Come one come all to the tournament arc to end all tournament arcs - MCU characters. For those of you who partook in the Best TV Show of All Time contest, this will run very similarly. 


Please keep in mind this is NOT a popularity contest. This is a who is the strongest/would win in a fight contest. Please do not consider powerset/abilities from the comics, strictly keep to what has be shown in the MCU. 

 Closes Wednesday 1/26/22 @5pm

@Manny/Patrick @PARROTHEAD @THE DUKE @Acgott @titansNvolsR#1 @Kiltman @thrILL! @TecmoSuperJoe @TitanSlim @Beck Bristow @Bullet Club @Ty21 @kingseanjohn @seminoles1 @Xenos @ET80  @The Gnat @theJ @43M  @WizardHawk @August4th @Breesus mode @Fresh Prince @Outpost31 @INbengalfan  @minutemancl @KManX89  @RamRod @skywindO2 @NcFinest9erFan @KimuraGod @JoshstraDaymus @rob_shadows @AlexGreen#20 @Daniel @Jakuvious @Tetsujin @Blue @broncofan48 @RuskieTitan @NYRaider @showtime @biggio7 @OhioG @diamondbull424 @hornbybrown @Dr LBC

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Maybe a hot take: He Who Remains isn't that dangerous by himself.  He has access to powerful things like Alioth (sp?) and time manipulation, but once you're past him knowing what plays out, like Loki said, he's just a dude.

His variant that's set up as the next overarching villain of the next phase of Marvel movies might be up to it though.

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I know the who He Who Remains mysteries will drive this decision, but I think the mystery around The Ancient One and her knowledge is the big factor. HWR's biggest move that we know of is his ability to control timelines and manipulate universes with it. The Ancient One seems like the only person on our earth who knows the intricacies of branching realities. How much does she understand? Enough to mitigate HWR's only known big card? 

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The Ancient One has access to some pretty scary dark magic. We never got to see what she could ramp up, but I'd imagine she'd destroy realities with a mere thought.

Same with The One who Remains I guess, but that's more surrounded by his intellect on the multiverse, not magic that subverts science and the natural order, if that makes sense.

Give me The Ancient One.

Super Hero Film GIF by Marvel Studios

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