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Bills v Chiefs last 2 minutes Mafia - D2 1/28 10pm cst


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This game is going to be very simple. Every town is vanilla, and there is no scum chat. I will make the ratio as close to 35% as I can. Every night there will be a lynch and one of the scum (they will know who else is scum) will get a hit. Every day I will randomize the scum and town list giving each group a day hit. So, in essence 4 people will die each full cycle period. There will be no other roles. No other moves. 

There is only 1 unique rule (outside of the normal confines of mafia)- you can not claim to be the person with the gun/kill as the day hit. Even hinting at it will be a mod kill. So saying "I am going to shoot XYZ" followed by putting in that move will be your own death. Dont push it, even as a fake claim. It defeats the purpose of making it a shadow hit if everyone else can fake it. So just dont.

Also, dont claim the kill after the fact. Unless you want to be mod killed. 

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^^^Low stress game to get us through Sunday so I can host superbowl mafia. Going to need some sign ups ^^^^



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34 minutes ago, ET80 said:

For the record... I'd come out of retirement for the following ONLY:

- Succession Mafia (this game MUST have a Boar on the Floor component, or it is a failure of the highest proportions).

- Invincible Mafia (This one needs to be bloody and chaotic, and The Immortal needs to be able to come back as a stump).

- The Boys Mafia (Where The Seven + Vought Intl are town and Butcher/Mother's Milk/Hughie/Frenchy are scum).

If your theme isn't that, don't tag me please. 

Thanks! Had a fun time this time, sincerely.

So you are in?

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