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NFCCG: 49ers vs. Rams The BIG One


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I'm still in shock we won that. 

I'm officially ready to eat my crow. Stafford just won a "bad Mcvay" game, which is something Goff couldn't do. Mcvay called a trash game 90% of the night (he had a few good calls) and threw away our challenges (which he could've used for that one sideline catch late that was a first down), but Stafford and the players were able to overcome it against a division rival. Let's get Aaron that ring!

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7 minutes ago, jrry32 said:

Thank god we made that trade. I eat all my crow. Stafford delivered. Kupp delivered. Donald and Von stepped up when we needed them. And Travin Howard should have played over Reeder all damn game long.

Reeder needs to be replaced in the off season. I can’t take watching him anymore.

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2 minutes ago, LeotheLion said:

I'll eat my Stafford crow too. Other than the 1 pick he played great. 

Gay scares me in the SB. 

Highlight of the game was seeing the Deebo tears. 

Highlight of the game was Jimmy throwing that INT as AD pulled him down.

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