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Super Bowl 56: Bengals vs Rams


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I’ll admit that I feel better about this game than I did our last SB. There was a lot of inexperience on our end back in 2018, and going up against Brady and Bellicheck was just a bad match up. I like the Bengals, but this is not for them, at least not yet, and if the Rams play their cards right, we’ll contend for multiple years. 

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The first half was very interesting. Stafford has played well. He had that int which I didnt mind bc he was trying to make a play. I thought Jefferson didnt play the ball well. The Rams was in 3rd and long out of FG range so they wouldve had to punt anyways. That taunting call hurt the Bengals and nothing came out of it.

The Rams wasnt stopping the run which is the way they the Bengals are in this game. Sucks that OBJ got hurt. I hope he is ok but I fear that its an acl. 

In the 2nd half I want the Rams to continue to run the ball, feed Kupp the ball. If the Rams are going to lose I want them to go down swinging with Kupp being the driving force. Jefferson is going to have to step up now and be the unsung hero if the Rams are to win this game. The defense need to step up even more now. I want a takeaway and I want some sacks. I want the Rams to control the line of scrimmage. Lets finish strong in the 2nd half and see if we can bring home the title. Go Rams!!!

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