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Pacers trade Sabonis to Sacramento for Haliburton and Hield


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Have there been a worst trade than what the Kings just did?

I think most know by now my team overall is the Nets. What people dont know is in the West I do root for the Kings. It goes back to when they had Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, Jason Williams, Peja Stojakovic, etc... Its bad enough they traded Cousins away when he was balling out of control. If I can reason it would be he was too much of a headache to continue to stomach. I loved the pick of Fox and then Haliburton. Hield ended up being great too when they got him in the Cousins deal. I thought when the Kings drafted Mitchell it was a head scratcher just bc of the Kings already having Haliburton, Fox, and Hield. Why go get another guard? I wouldnt have mind them moving on from Hield but Haliburton just is crippling. Im serious moving on from rooting for the Kings in the West. I usually dont do that. I stick by teams through thick and thin. Stuck by the Rams in the NFL when they went through over a decade of just awfulness. I can go on and on with the teams I root for when theyve had awful stretches Ive stuck by them and still sticking by them. I cant with the Kings. Its blatant what they are doing. They arent trying to be good. Im done. Theyve been the laughing stock of the NBA for years now but this is like the "finish him/her" move that just rips the heart out and holds it in the air while the blood is dripping all over the place. You cant trade Haliburton unless its for someone like Dame or even Simmons Id understand more. Not for Sabonis and a bag of chips. And Im not trying to dismiss Sabonis bc I think he is really good but in 5yrs Haliburton is going to be far way far better than Sabonis. Heck Im not sure if he isnt already better than Sabonis. Again it really really sucks. The Kings should change their names to the Peasants bc thats what they are. 

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42 minutes ago, the lone star said:

Kings should look to get rid of Holmes now. Sell him high while they can, and keep Bagley in the starting lineup so he can continue to develop.

Bagley has no future in their organization and is approaching Jabari Parker/Michael Beasley/Derrick Williams level value.

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1 hour ago, agarcia34 said:

Lakers first screwed up last year when they refused to trade THT for Lowry or include THT in the trade. Now THT trade value has reached a level where it’s not worth it for the other teams 

Oh man, I forgot about that hahaha. What a horrible sequence of events.

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