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Don't Vote Out Forge Mafia - Utter Failure - "Forge voted out day 1"

Slappy Mc

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4 hours ago, Slappy Mc said:

In the event of a tie after the day period there will be a "no-lynch" and "Forge" will receive 1 extra vote during the next Day voting period, this compounds. (3 days no-lynch equals 3 extra votes for Forge) Real bad idea there, host doesn't suggest that.

This seems like a dare

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2 minutes ago, squire12 said:

I have no idea what this is.......





Season 5 Yes GIF by Paramount+

Sorry Anchorman GIF by reactionseditor

Who would have thunk that after 5 hours, this game would not only be full, but started... I waited days last time. 

I can keep you as a replacement if you like? 

I will most likely run this format again at some point if people like it, as well.

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