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Johnny Nix 4 Rounder pre combine

Johnny Nix

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6 hours ago, CWood21 said:

I think the Jets at 4 are his floor.  I'm not sure Evan Neal is the OT that you trade up for as well.  If he falls to the Giants at 5, I'd understand them taking him.  But trading up for him seems like a poor decision at best.

I could see the Broncos trading up for him if he starts to slide. 

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On 2/16/2022 at 9:41 AM, Johnny Nix said:


Aidan Hutchinson
EDGE Michigan

No thanks. Could happen but most jags fans going for Neal over him.  Based on running the 3-4 I'd go thibs more then Hutchinson for an edge. 


On 2/16/2022 at 9:41 AM, Johnny Nix said:
Darian Kinnard
OT Kentucky

Fine choice.  Can be a good RT or G but I don't know if he fits the wide zone we likely running.  I'd lean Zion as he's probably a round 1 guy who's shown ability to play g and c well. 


On 2/16/2022 at 9:41 AM, Johnny Nix said:
Lewis Cine
S Georgia

I like the guy but we have 10 million invested in a starter and Andre Cisco is a playmaker. I'd go with a Playmaker at TE(McBride) or WR(Watson). Id go Watson tbh. 


On 2/16/2022 at 9:41 AM, Johnny Nix said:
Kellen Diesch
OT Arizona State

No need to pick a backup tackle in round 3.  I'd look at TE or Edge.  I'd go Bonitto as he can potentially be an OLB or ILB for us. 


On 2/16/2022 at 9:41 AM, Johnny Nix said:
Alec Pierce
WR Cincinnati

Solid pick but I prefer Calvin Austin because of his Explosive abilities. 


So my ideal draft would be

1. Evan Neal T

33. Zion Johnson G

65. Christian Watson WR 

70. Nik Bonitto EDGE 

105. Calvin Austin WR






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Patriots    I hope this isn't the way its played out come draft day. Based on your mock I would of went in a different direction with 21. WR is not a priority for the Pats and BB. I know every Pats is screaming for one but WR in the 1st IMO isn't using your draft capital wisely, especially with the Pats having 5 picks and a 100 holes to fill. Also you can't fix everything in the 2022 draft.  The 1st thing I would do is trade the pick, however let stay with the current picks.

21. Jameson Williams  Love the player however I take  ------  Travon Walker EDGE Georgia

54. Coby Bryant  is a Jag at best. S/B 4/5 RD. --------  Jahan Dotson,John Metchie or Derion Kendrick

85. Dohnovan West  Crap s/b URFA moves like he has cement shoes! -----  Phidarian Mathis, Cam Taylor-Brittor or Brandon Smith

126. Haskell Garrett,  Nice pick here however it all depends on 3rd pick. I like here ------ Wan'Dale Robinson ,

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Bad first pick for the Titans. They have no need at LB at all.

Investing in CB is unlikely unless Jenkins is cut, even then, I doubt it, unless the guy can move to safety. Titans have Fulton already, and spent a first and third at CB last year. They won’t invest more this year.

And they really, really need WR help. Don’t see them not spending a single pick in the first four on like their second biggest need.

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On 2/16/2022 at 10:17 AM, Sllim Pickens said:

I love the trade down for the Lions and the pick at 5 but thats about where it ends for me.  I dont want to touch a QB in the first two rounds but f we did I would prefer Willis.  Pickens isn't worth a high 2nd IMO and would rather go Brisker, Bell, Pitre there.  I don't mind Davis but we need bigger DL that rush the passer more as we have McNeil at NT and we just drafted Levi Onwuzirike last year in a similar spot to play a similar position.  See above for guys i would probably rather have but again wouldnt hate Davis.  Damone Clarke, Jalen Torbert, Brandon Smith, Doubs, Watson, and Kerby Joseph would be targets in the 3rd. 

Spot on. Love the trade down, rest of it is trash. 

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I disagree with a lot of your draft as far as who gets taken when, but the positions you picked for the Eagles specifically all make sense, even if I don't necessarily love the player or think they won't be available at that particular pick (Jalen Pitre is going to go about 20 picks before the Eagles 2nd round pick, but I love seeing him mocked to Philly). 

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30 - Daxton Hill, S Michigan
62 - Jahan Dotson, WR Penn St
94 - John Ridgeway, DT Arkansas
103 - Quay Walker, LB Georgia

Your format is really annoying. It takes too much space and it isn't suited for copy/paste.

I love Hill, but not at #30. Both Wyatt and Davis are on the board and DL is a priority. The need for a safety is real but not as urgent. Also, there are a number of comparable S--Hill, Brisker, Cine, Cook, Pitre. KC can wait to #62 and still do well. 
No problem with Dotson other than the slew of Edge available--Sanders, Bonitto, Mafe.
Ridgeway is solid at the spot but should not be the first DL/Edge taken. 
Quay is OK but he plays the same position as last year's 2nd round pick, Nick Bolton who happened to lea the team in tackles.

As you have the board, I would go Davis, Cine or Bonitto, Tolbert, Ridgeway or Goodrich depending on the second round pick.

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