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2022 First Round Mock Draft (No Trades)


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1 hour ago, cjfollett said:

With Linderbaum, Green, and Johnson all on the board, I do not think the Steelers take Raimann. Plus, you have only 1 QB in the 1st? Hmmm.

I think that the Steelers can go anywhere on the O-line, so none of those guys you listed are a bad option either. I think they will go with a tackle to protect the outside instead of the interior, but going with Linderbaum would still be an excellent pick. There really are not impressive QB prospects in this year's draft, so I only had one taken, but because QB is such an important position it is likely that in real life there will be more than one taken in the first. It is a bizarre year for quarterbacks. 

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On 2/24/2022 at 1:35 PM, RaisinBran said:

Have you had the same avatar the past 10 years or so? I feel like I remember you in this draft forum and we both kept begging our teams to take Darren McFadden on these mock drafts (I'm with Raiders).

Yeah man. I’ve had the same avy since like 2004. 

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