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Inside the Den 2022


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3 minutes ago, Nnivolcm said:

Ideally Pleasant takes over at DC when Glenn gets a HC job. 

This is what the ideal situation would be. I'm feeling like Pleasant will get a DC job first and that Glenn may get his HC job for the 2024 season. He'll probably need to string together a few solid defenses for a team to finally move forward with him as the choice (instead of just as a candidate). 

2022 - Glenn (DC); Pleasant (DB's)

2023: Glenn (DC); >> Pleasant (DC elsewhere)

2024: >> Glenn (HC)

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6 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:

I think Speed and power was referring to Kayvon. "The highest ceiling as an athlete." *Brad Homles smirk*

When they discussed the athletic guy whose production was just not there, they are definitely referring to Travon Walker.

I actually think it could be Walker with the "highest ceiling" comment. He's an absolute freak. Kayvon's numbers weren't really that of a total freak athlete. 

Kayvon's 10 yard split is 1.59 vs Hutch at 1.62; Broad jump was 119 vs Hutch at 117. The biggest discrepancy between the two is Hutch's 3C (6.73) vs Thibs (7.23) and SS (4.15 vs 4.34). 

Walker had a 1.62 10 yard; 123 BJ and 6.89 3 Cone nearly 20 lbs heavier than KT. Walker clearly has the highest ceiling (imo) as a pure athlete - whether he can put that together on the field and produce at the level his physical skills should allow him to is yet to be seen.


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5 hours ago, teude said:

That draft episode was friggin great and i really love our staff. Next season cant come soon enough!

Can you imagine how unbearable these would be under Quintricia?

I really liked Campbell's interview with Paschal when Paschal says he was supposed to get to the A gap but the play was flowing away so he just went straight through the guard's face. Campbell's response of "I like that you went through his face." cracks me up. 

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