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Johnny Nix post combine/Wilson trade mock

Johnny Nix

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24 minutes ago, Johnny Nix said:

What if I told you that the Browns could take Travis Jones in the 2nd and be fine. 

I like Travis Jones and would be very happy if the real draft went Wilson-Jones. That said, I think Davis has top-5 potential as an NFL DT. I think a very good WR will be there when the Browns pick in the second. I just don't believe the NFL actually drafts all these WR at their value and expect QB, OT and EDGE to get overdrafted as always. The DT group is nice but could see all my favorites, including Jones, gone by the time the Browns have their second rounder.

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10 hours ago, minutemancl said:

Give me Gardner at 5 and Walker at 7. I'd rather not reach on OL when we also have needs at CB and EDGE that we'd be able to help fill with better prospects. I like Penning, but not at 5. Hamilton is a fine pick.

If they took Sauce i want Hamilton in his place i prefer Hamilton anyways he's my number 1 player in this draft :D

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