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Commanders trade for Carson Wentz - 2022 3rd/2023 3rd (or 2nd)/swap 2nd rounders 2022


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Just now, e16bball said:

If Alex Smith had a better arm, but was a noted loser and clubhouse cancer. 

Because that’s the twist. You can’t draft a guy now, because we’ve learned over years in Philly that Carson Wentz can’t do **** if he fears someone else is looming behind him, challenging him for his job.

Not apples to apples on the QB, but the deal itself and the situation. 

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So some quick hitter first thoughts on this: 

- Do I think Wentz will be some amazing QB for us?  No. 

- Is a 29 year old QB with high draft pedigree who's shown some promise in the league worth a shot?  Ya probably. 

- Did we give up a kings ransom for him?  No we did not. 

- Does this keep us from drafting a QB at 11 if we want to?  No I believe we can still take a QB at 11 if we want. 

- Does this keep us from drafting a QB in the first next year? Absolutely not. 

- Is he a better starter for us than Heinicke this year?  Ya probably. 

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15 minutes ago, Jeezy Fanatic said:

Carson Wentz has been run out of town by two teams, and we’re here giving up two thirds for him lol

It gets released that Wentz is going to get cut, our front office says, you think we can get him for a couple 3rds?

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9 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

Not apples to apples on the QB, but the deal itself and the situation. 

Absolutely. Taking on the money when you don’t need to, making a trade for a QB that the team broadcasted its desire to get rid of, investing your picks/money/time in a player that multiple (better) teams decided wasn’t the one to take them to the promised land. 

I could tolerate the Alex Smith trade to some degree. There were several reasons for it, but one of the big ones is that I believed there were other teams queueing up for him. Some always said that we traded those assets for him unnecessarily, because they weren’t going to keep him — but I’ve always said they were bidding against other teams who wanted him, and that’s what drove the price up (not the fear that the Chiefs would just keep him). 

Who was in the mix for Wentz? Who was going to trade anything for this guy? I really will be intrigued to see if anyone indicates that other teams had interest. Pittsburgh? New Orleans? Tampa Bay? Were we bidding against these teams? I really hope it comes out that we were, that would at least make it a bit more palatable.

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