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Commanders trade for Carson Wentz - 2022 3rd/2023 3rd (or 2nd)/swap 2nd rounders 2022


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3 minutes ago, MKnight82 said:

For those freaking out about the 2nd round swap, its only 5 spots down. 

Two thirds for this scrub was enough. This is just being dumb on top of it. They're idiots. They even agreed to pay his whole salary. This is an abomination.

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Buddy just texted me this...

Ill tell you what told him.

I'm not the biggest fan of Carson Wentz, but we could have done way worse.

I told him my reaction will determine what we gave up for him.

If 2-3rds is true, than that's not bad at all guys.

For a viable starter...and he's better than Heiny. Sorry, but true.

It also allows us to stay at 11, or trade down.

We can still take a QB, if we want as well & he could sit.

We also didn't trade away 3 first Rd picks, Payne, young, McLaurin & all the other good players we have.

Like or hate Wentz...

This was not a bad trade at all, imo.

Now, am I predicting a 12-5 season?


But if we can somehow get the old Carson Wentz post injury. The one who led the Eagles to the Superbowl, before Foles won it for them?

And Darrell Green carrying their Lombardi trophy for them?

I would love it, if he did the same for us.

I like this trade!

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