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Sterling Shepard/Blake Martinez restructures deals to stay with Giants


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Great move, if only because this will actually save more cap space than straight up cutting him. His number this year was 12.5. Cutting him would have resulted in 8 in dead money, 4.5 in savings. However, because he is injured, he would have gotten an injury settlement as well and it would really only saved us somewhere in the 1-2 million range. This restructure, as long as he is making less than $5 million in base salary this year, will save us more than if we cut him (by my back of the envelope math). If we got that number down to like $2 million, that would be insanely good.

I've said this recently, but I'm expecting nothing out of Shepard this year. He's coming off the worst injury you can have and he is regularly injured anyway. Anything he can give us this year is gravy.

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1 hour ago, y*so*blu said:

Once again Shepard proves himself to be a good teammate and a loyal Giant. If he could stay on the field, he'd be one of my favorite players.

Meh, this is the smart move for him. No one was going to sign him and allows him to continue rehabbing at the facility. He would have needed to do it all on himself.

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