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Vikings Extend Cousins Through 2023


Is this a good move?  

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  1. 1. Is this a good move?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. How many more seasons will Cousins be in MN?

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    • 2
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2 hours ago, Morlee said:

I also wouldn’t don’t trade him for anything less than a 1st Round selection. 2022 Cousins is easily worth a 1st Round pick and a lot more. The trading team will get 2-4 more years (hopefully) of Cousins’ level play. You don’t get that for cheap  


This is all on point. And yet, so many people just want to let him go and think we'll somehow, magically replace him. 


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15 minutes ago, CriminalMind said:

What team would realistically give up a 1st to win now? The list might widen if Minny is willing to take 2 2nds. 


The list might widen, but the Vikings would be absolutely stupid to let him go for that. They'd be stupid to let him go for just a first. 

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2 hours ago, wcblack34 said:

Vikings 2nd Round Picks from the last decade:







Mac Alexander



I wouldn't trade Cousins for any combination of 2. And that's assuming that you actually hit on them.

Vikings first round picks dont look much better:

2013 - Patterson, Rhodes, Floyd

2014 - Barr, Teddy

2015 - Waynes

2016 - Treadwell 

2017 - Bradford 

2018 - Hughes

2019 - Bradbury 

2020 - Jefferson, Gladney

2021 - Darrisaw 

2022 - Cine

So true standouts are Jefferson and Rhodes. Darrisaw is getting there.

Okay players in Barr and Waynes.

The rest didn’t last long for one reason or another. 

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