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Jags sign Christian Kirk to a large contract


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11 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:

They have to be close to done on spending money...


They entered Free Agency @ $39,603,306 in available Salary Cap Space.

They should have enough remaining for another 2 big name FA additions.


(and can always release JAG players in order to create even more Available Salary Cap Space). 

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1 minute ago, TitanSlim said:

If you have the money spend it but, whew boy that’s a lot….

Yeah, I was more comfortable around $12-$13M.

Is what it is. Would have preferred Amari at $20M than anyone in this class as I said previously, but they had to come away with one of Coop/ARob/Kirk here. Can’t feed Lawrence to the wolves with what we trotted out last year and bank on hitting on a couple rookies.

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How did he play without Hopkins last year?

He's always struck me as a talent that's good as a complementary piece rather than the guy or has that been more situation?

Is the hopes that'd he be the #1 guy or the Jags still going to be drafting multiple recievers?

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