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16 minutes ago, WFLukic said:

@bcb1213 You should make a trade thread so we can keep up.

Webby generally doesn't like us to use too many threads and I don't anticipate enough trades happening to make a thread worth it.  I'm gonna need to use a bunch for voting and don't want to push it  lol

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time slots have been added for the remainder of round 1-2.  If we get ahead a full day, we'll just move the days up.  I don't anticipate this group needing all this time but i don't want anyone getting skipped early either











@Slappy Mc





















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The rules about discussing players not drafted, how does that work if we want to post up a big board in case we miss our pick? Like can we big board up to 3 or something like that to open windows a bit? Or is that against the rules, just pick in the timeframe or pick late after the fact? I have a baby so I likely will be available, but things pop up and I don't want to hold people up if we are at the doctors or something like that (next appointment is Thursday).

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