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Packers trade WR Davante Adams to the Raiders


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14 minutes ago, coachbuns said:

I really believe Rodgers not looking for just one guy will make this team better if the wr talent is reasonable.  It will be tougher on the defense that way too.

I mean, we've seen the Packers' offense productive without Davante Adams.  They averaged 31.6 PPG without Adams playing, and Rodgers' ANY/A was 9.06 which is on par for what he's done the last two seasons.  Would I prefer to have Adams on the roster?  Absolutely.  Do I think we're screwed without him?  No.  As long as Rodgers continues to play within the offensive system, I have little doubt we'll continue to be a top 10 offense.

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16 hours ago, CWood21 said:

I mean, I think he'd rather throw to veterans then rookies, but I don't think it's going to be as much of an issue as some people are led to believe.  Jordy Nelson was the 3rd most targeted WR in 2008 (54) behind Greg Jennings (140) and Donald Driver (116).  Randall Cobb was 7th in terms of targets in 2011, but that was part of a stacked receiving corps.  Davante Adams was 3rd in 2014 (66) behind Jordy Nelson (151) and Randall Cobb (127).  MVS was 3rd leading targets (73) in 2018 behind Davante Adams (169) and Jimmy Graham (89).  Excluding Randall Cobb, the average rookie targets is 64 which seems like a reasonable targets.  But this is also the weakest WR room we've had with Rodgers.


Rodgers not throwing to rookies is nonsense.

The problem is he doesn't like throwing to guys who he perceives as they don't know what they are doing and loses patience with players.  Its a very long time since we used a high pick on a receiver, we have generally just use late round picks and generally on high upside players who are raw (so fall into the don't know what they are doing category).  If he doesn't have confidence the receiver is going to be where they should be, he isn't going to look their way.

What we shouldn't consider is throwing many darts on project WRs in the later rounds.  If we draft receivers its got to be with decent picks on guys a bit more polished.

Adams is a good example in that when he was a young WR, fans got annoyed with him for not producing but Rodgers still looked his way a lot. Clearly he could see in practice Adams knew what he was doing, just needed to put it together and wasn't going to let him down running the wrong way making Rodgers look stupid throwing to no-one.



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39 minutes ago, mikemike778 said:

If he doesn't have confidence the receiver is going to be where they should be, he isn't going to look their way.

Which is a fascinating theory when you consider it.

I mean - AR's throwing from the exact same and correct location every time right (?) - using the perfect (and same) arm angle / throwing motion every time right?

Why shouldnt he expect his WR's to be GPS located on the field every time.......right?

It's ridiculous.


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On 3/26/2022 at 6:52 PM, rthom348 said:

I’d be shocked if Cobb or Lewis wasn’t on our final 53. Our receiving group needs more talent, for sure. But we also need that veteran leadership. I think they’re both safe. Not saying I’m high on Tyler Davis, but don’t sleep on him. I think he can spell for Tonyan. I think we need to just add and not subtract. 

My bad on MVS, I had been just a few days late on my original post.

I like the Mercedes, but at his age he's definitely slowing down, and I feel like LaFleur and Rodgers really don't use his size advantage enough in the passing game anyway.  Blocking is a good trait but a TE must be used in the passing game to maximize his worth.

Yeah I'm thinking now with MVS gone Cobb has to stay because beyond him Lazard is the only high experience (if you'd call it that) veteran.  I think Gute has to nail it on 2 high quality WRs as top priority this draft.

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