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What to do with Four 7th Round Picks?


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We know what will probably happen. FO will trade up and use them as part of the package. For this thread, we are not going there.

Some ground rules. 

  • Don't expect them to start but rotation depth is OK
  • Do expect them to play ST
  • Multiple picks at one position is cool
  • Assume P, K, LS are filled
  • We have four spread out picks but treat this as four in a row

Where do we want to spend our capital?


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2x RB - hoping one sticks as rotational guy. They had some success with UDFA here.

IOL - you'll never know what you find. Getting a cheap backup for four years may help

LB - think Niemann (best case) or DOD (not best case, but as ST still of use)

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I could see a flyer on one of the top speed guys from the combine with thoughts of returns.  Hughes/Pringle are both gone.

TE because we like to have about 6 of them around between the 53 and PS.

DB - Coverage teams need to be filed

 LB - preferably someone that can run and hits like a truck

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10 minutes ago, onejayhawk said:

All right, eleven. It's seven in the first four rounds.


12 after the trade today: 

Kansas City Chiefs draft picks in 2022

Round 1 | Pick 29 (from MIA)

Round 1 | Pick 30

Round 2 | Pick 50 (from MIA)

Round 2 | Pick 62

Round 3 | Pick 94

Round 3 | Pick 103

Round 4 | Pick 125 (from MIA)

Round 4 | Pick 135

Round 7 | Pick 233

Round 7 | Pick 243

Round 7 | Pick 251

Round 7 | Pick 259

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21 minutes ago, Jakuvious said:

Feels like it's been a minute since we've had this much draft capital. I like it. Though, this is going to be a very make or break draft for us in 3 to 4 years.

I have a feeling a couple of these picks will be traded for future ones to keep on branching out

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