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EAGLES GET A WIDEOUT (Pascal, 1yr deal)


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Check out this quote from when Sirianni was the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive coordinator in 2019:

“Zach Pascal has a block on a linebacker on that play that is incredible,” Sirianni said about a key run in the win over the Titans. “I told Zach today, hopefully he knows that’s the biggest compliment I can give him, I said, ‘I hope Jacob Sirianni, my son, plays football like you do.’ And I made it very clear to the offensive line that my son is not going to be built like them. So, I mentioned it to Zach first and Zach was incredible on that play.”

Not convinced? Check out these connections outlined by my BGN Radio co-host, Jimmy Kempski:

During his very first press conference after he became head coach of the Eagles, Sirianni named Pascal among 13 players that he felt he built special relationships with in his previous coaching stops. [...]

Before the Eagles’ final preseason game, Sirianni said that he showed the team video cutups of players who went into the final preseason game on the roster bubble and sort of stamped their ticket onto the final 53-man roster. Pascal was among those players that Sirianni showed the team.

And then finally, Pascal was integral in Sirianni’s “dawg mentality” theme that the Eagles adopted in Sirianni’s rookie head coaching season, as documented in a great story by Zach Berman of The Athletic.




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So just like the Scott and Harris deals this helps patch up giant holes going into the draft.

Ideally they'll want to hit those spots but the at least have some backing if the board shifts.
Especially with the other longer term needs they need to address along the DL.

Same for when they sign one of those vet CBs they apparently are interested in.

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