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Chiefs trade WR Tyreek Hill to Dolphins for 2022 1st + 2nd, 4th + 2023 4th + 6th (Page 18)


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45 minutes ago, onejayhawk said:

It's official, we are in restock mode.

You could feel this coming. Everyone knew that cap money was tight and Devonte Adams ripped the top off the contract projections.

At least they have money to pay Orlando Brown now.


How many 60 yard TD passes will Orlando Brown have this year?

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divisional foes are loving this, and I cant say the team isnt weakened by this.

But this was gonna happen eventually, might as well rip the bandaidoff now and get maxvalue.

thankful for all hes done and Wasp will always live on forever.

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Details coming out are strange

this came out of nowhere, yet every team in the league was contacted地 week or so ago,and nobody spilled the beans till the last minute.

Reids statement is very cold, at least from what i know of Andy. He basically said we got cap space out of it sounded like Chiefs fans talking aboutit on the internet lol

Heard Tyreek was threatening a Holdout. Things had to have soured relationship-wise, we offered him comparable money and he turned it down. He didnt go to Mahomes wedding either(allegedly) Very Weird ending for sure

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