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Lions sign LB Jarrad Davis

Louis Friend

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Brought him in cause of "culture".

God this vague term is just killing me. Culture of what? Losing?

Now I know they're trying to get guys that try hard and love football I get it. You're still losers though if you try hard and come up short?

Like-able though, maybe...

How much money has this team spent now on about a half dozen guys that don't matter at all and will never make a difference in a playoff/championship teams win/loss columns? 

*Edit my mistake if Davis went to the Ravens/Pats he'd put up stats as a 25% down player with 75% of those plays as a blitzer! Something ridiculous like that... 

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He had 6 sacks in his second year so i think that there is situational potential there, if he can manage 6 sacks with a cheap contract then it's a hit. Fatty P was all about trying to make players fit his system regardless of ability. DC is all about maximizing each player's potential. If Glenn and DC can unlock his full potential then the lions may have a pass rush specialists on the cheap.

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