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Flash, Swag, and Trickle


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It's just a lil driplet of swag



1.20 - Christian Watson WR North Dakota State


Many concerns why the double space. Comp. Drops. What he has can't be tought. Anytime 6'4" slender comes in under 4.4 you just stick your hand up. And get Moss'd.


2.-- Marcus Jones DB Houston

Announced as DB bc he plays in the slot. Electric human joystick type movement. Do-it-all player. Can play either side of the ball. Playmaker. Nickname pending...


3.-- Dane Belton S Iowa

Finally got to see some film on him. And you didn't disappoint. A sort of a feel type STAR play comes to fruition on a 4.43 fill and disrupt. Ballhawk skills average. But playable.


4.-- Kyren Williams RB Notre Dame

*Acquired via HOU for Mason Rudolph

Well built lower half. Bell-like. Hides behind line. Great footwork to set up the run. Outstanding vision. Elusive. Dynamic. House caller. Hide yo mama in the floor boards cuz he going dipping with the screw cuz he taller. It's that dangerous...


4.-- Emeka Emezie WR NC State

Powerful. Strong. Shot out of a cannon type explosiveness. Deebo Samuel like in terms of his quotient. Deebo just move faster cuz he smaller. Can locate and make plays with the ball in the air


6.-- Demetrius Taylor DT App State

Yada. Yada. Yada


7.-- Brock Purdy QB Iowa State

Gutsy. Fiery gusts of fury. Gamer. Developmental backup QB


7.-- traded to HOU in Rudolph swap



I didn't know y'all wanted to score points.

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