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2 hours ago, jrry32 said:

Prior to us landing Greg Gaines, I thought we might sign a NT. But I don't see that happening with Gaines. I also thought an interior OL for depth was possible, but again, with Evans and Edwards, that seems unlikely.

Yeah, I mean, there reaches a point where you're robbing Peter to pay Paul, and I'm not even talking in terms of cap-space and monies.  You have these younger players you're hoping actually develop, but they're not going to do that if they're only getting ST snaps and more than the occasional spell snap or injury-fill snap.  Practice reps alone aren't going to develop guys - especially with the rate at which the Players' Union (and in a way, I don't necessarily blame them for using it as a leverage position) keeps pushing for less and less contact in practices.

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So n'yeah.  Take that Seahawks!  We've got brothers on our team now, too!

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Something they in passing mentioned as a joke but is kind of real. Does the NFC West have the best looking coaches in a single division in the history of sports? Kliff, McVay, Shanahan plus Carroll looks great for 67

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I wonder if this is exclusive to the Ravens. I feel like he was more than open to sharing any secrets about the Chargers.



But he will tell Sean McVay what the corners did here before the Rams face the Ravens on Monday night this October, right?


I told Weddle I didn’t believe him.

“You don’t know me then,” he said, dead serious. The moment threatened to take on tension, but he continued speaking. "What kind of man would I be if I rat out my guys that I played three years with? I cherish every relationship I made on that defense, on that team. The minute I say, ‘Here are all of their calls’ or ‘here are the checks to this,’ then what am I at the end of the day? I lose everything that I gained from there. And that means more to me than anything.”

That evening, McVay called to see how things went with his new safety. It wasn’t long before I said, “Eric claims he won't reveal some of the Ravens’ man-to-man switch release rules when you guys get ready to play them!” McVay chuckled and said he wasn’t surprised; Weddle struck him as a uniquely loyal dude. (Then McVay’s curiosity took off and he listed several possibilities for what the coverage rule might be, growing increasingly frustrated that he didn’t have the play on film in front of him.


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