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Giants' 2022 schedule: ideal for rebuild?


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Don't know if it's been reported yet but according to Pro Football Reference and FB Schedules, here are the teams we play this year.

Division Opponents: Cowboys (12-5), Eagles (9-8), Washington Snyders (7-10)

Other NFC Opponents: vs Chicago Bears (6-11), vs Detroit Lions (3-13-1), at Green Bay Packers (13-4), at Minnesota Vikings (8-9), vs Carolina Panthers (5-12), at Seattle Seahawks (7-10).

AFC Opponents: vs Houston Texans (4-13), at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-14), vs Indianapolis Colts (9-8), at Tennessee Titans (12-5), vs Baltimore Ravens (8-9).

Obviously dates are TBD. Counting Dallas and Philly we get only five opponents with winning records. Carolina, Houston, Jacksonville and Chicago are all as bad as we are or close enough.

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@y*so*blu The NFL follows a division rotation for the schedule so we know our opponents once the season ends. This year we play the NFC East x2, NFC North, AFC South, and then the same division standings for the AFC North (Ravens)a, NFC West (Seahawks) and NFC South (Panthers)

In 2023, we will play NFC West, AFC East, and the same division standings for the NFC North, NFC South, and AFC West. 


Definitely a schedule we may be able to be competent again and get close to .500. Vegas has our over/under @ 7 right now. That seems fair to me.

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While the schedule is much easier this year, I just think this team is not good enough as is to take advantage of it. We are much closer to a 7 win team and not making the playoffs than a 9 win team and sneaking into the playoffs. In the end this easier schedule is going to hurt our 2023 draft position.

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