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Eagles legend Frank Gore to retire


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I don't think it's much of a HOF debate for him. He is getting in, but I don't think it's super fast. Two torn ACL as a RB in college, went on to power a longevity career into top 5 stat accumulator in NFL history. Adrian Peterson I think is next up and a lock. I think Frank is at the top of the next group with Roger Craig/Marshawn Lynch/Shady McCoy/Fred Taylor (maybe?), but I don't know if they make it. Frank wasn't "oh that's the leagues best runner", but to get 16,000 yards is the accomplishment I think. Curtis Martin or maybe a Isaac Bruce at a different position light? Also fan favorite that stayed loyal to his team from the rough years all the way to a SB appearance.

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Damn, I really wanted to see him and his son make a roster together....or battle it out for a spot lol. 

Longevity and yards are definitely a + for HoF consideration. 

Lack of 100+ TDs given how long he played and the yardage and the lack of a Superbowl and major accolades for the better part of the last decade probably hurts. 

Oddly enough, I think had he retired early, say 2015-2016, he probably has a better shot at the HoF thanks to recency bias. The last 5 years, I think he fell into JAG territory and his luster wore off while people forgot just how good he really was from 06-14. 

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2 hours ago, CP3MVP said:

I don’t think he’s a HOF, how many years was he considered top 5 at his position? Top 3? He was basically a compiler  the last 7 years. 

He has 1 All Pro (second team)

He eclipsed 1200 yards 3 times. 10 TD once.


Different people have different criteria, but to me he's just bulk stats. Not a bad player but no more worthy than say Hines Ward

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I'm pretty sure that he's going to get in.  I won't be mad about it. I also understand why people wouldn't vote for him and I wouldn't be mad about that and him not getting in either.  

Very weird case. I'm not even sure who the comparable is besides the obvious Curtis Martin.  Maybe Rivers?  I'm not even sure you can cross positional lines like that. At least not QB to RB. 

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