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GM Mock Draft - NYG


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10 hours ago, Ghostnote said:

He is still available do you want him? @y*so*blu

Looks like Arizona took him.

Our next pick should be Rachaad White, if he is there. A highly talented all-around back who can hurt defenses on the ground or as a receiver.

If White is gone, I want a safety--Leon O'Neal Jr or Verone McKinley. Beyond him, there's almost no one left who's worth drafting at the position.

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On 4/16/2022 at 5:41 PM, y*so*blu said:

@YogiBiz BTW, what do you think of taking Yusuf Corker later on? He's a pretty good safety prospect and this board has him ranked far too low, somewhere in the 300s. Could be a steal.

I like Reed Blankenship (is he still around) Special Teams ace day 1 thanks to his athleticism and aggression. Could develop into a starter later on but he’s not really a starter now. I think he’s more a third safety/ST captain type though. 

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The GM Mock Draft is ovah. For the record, here's who we got.

#5: Ikem Ekwonu

#7: Ahmad Gardner

#47: Trey McBride

#78: Cameron Thomas

#92: Ed Ingram

#119: Rachaad White

#158: Lecitus Smith

#184: Cole Turner

#193: Matt Hankins

#216: Leon O'Neil Jr.

Not sure why we took two TEs and no linebackers; that would definitely come back to bite us IRL. But otherwise we made out okay.

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