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GM Mock Draft


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currently sitting at 1-13 until about 6:20 PM EST


I think I am going to go Malik Willis if no one wants to trade up (I have reached out to several teams with no responses or a bunch of no's)

Potential franchise QB who could be developed and then could trade Mills in the future for a solid group of picks.


It's either that or a surprise edge rusher (or possibly an even bigger surprise selection).


let me know your thoughts

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I went Hamilton with pick 3 because... again... nobody looking to trade up and BPA

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I think I'd take Charles Cross, or possibly Trevor Penning. This is likely Tunsil's last season, it'd be nice to have a franchise type LT under contract for 5 years. I'm not a big Malik Willis fan. Aside from Cross I wouldn't mind Devonta Wyatt, Christian Watson, or Andrew Booth. I just think we've got several position groups that need new starters, and QB isn't one of them in my mind. 

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I'm not necessarily against Willis and actually like him as a prospect. But I prefer to wait till next year to address QB if needed. The position is much deeper at the top next year. At 13, you may be better addressing another position on offense such as the OL or WR.  Jameson should be the target. 

Edit: Jameson is gone, as is Wilson. Chris Olave then. 

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If WR is the pick, I'm looking Treylon Burkes. I'm not touching a QB until day 3, personally - Malik Willis has significant bust potential.

Have you considered Devin Lloyd? He'd be Derrick Brooks in this lineup.

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I had really hoped for a trade down.

Also, IRL I do think the Texans trade 1-13 down to a team looking to move up for a QB or WR (esp. PIT or GB or KC)

With pick 1-13 of the 2022 GM Mock Draft, the Houston Texans select

0461 - OL Trevor Penning - the University of Northern Iowa

Senior Bowl practice notes, Day 2 | PhillyVoice

The Texans like Penning's versatility and ability to play multiple spots on the OL.

His RAS is off the charts - especially if he were to play guard.

His tenacity and drive fit out power / gap scheme offense to a T (or pancake).

Welcome to the Texans, Trev!


This now allows us to move Scharping for draft capital or have a stacked OL.

Penning is also insurance for LT, LG, an RT should we get decent offer on Tunsil, Howard, or Scharping.

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