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Dan Snyder Drama thread

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4 minutes ago, e16bball said:

It’s mildly concerning that we’re hoping Irsay is the voice of the rest of the owners on this, but he’s literally two names behind in referring to the franchise.

Cocaine is a helluva drug.

I did ask Mike to confirm if he said Redskins or if that was a mistake. 

This tells me it isn't.



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And of course the Snyder’s already had a rebuttal. “We won’t sell” is just astounding to me. What more can you gain from this? You’re going to make a $6B profit. You don’t have the money to sign players or fund a stadium. You’re toxic and all of the fans and other owners hate you. You’ve literally destroyed one of the leagues storied franchises. Take your money and go spend the rest of your life on your yacht with your family. MOVE ON. Let the fans have this team back. 

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