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Dan Snyder Drama thread

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10 minutes ago, Troublez said:

@e16bball if the 24 majority vote to remove an owner is in the bylaws of the NFL (with cause or maybe with none), does Dan have any footing to fight an oust as long as he receives fair compensation? 

Didn't he agree to that as being a party to the Association (or League)?

I won't begin to know as much as @e16bballabout the law (or about the owner's business arrangement) but I can see an avenue where Snyder could drag this out. 

I don't have the current valuation of the team in front of me. But let's say it's valued at $4B.

Think about when people sell their homes because of divorce. The buyers who know this will underbid because they know the sellers are motivated to get rid of it.

In this sense, a forced sale would cause incoming buyers to not bid as much as if Snyder decided to sell the team of his own accord. The buyers know Snyder has to sell. 

So let's say the buyers coming in with a $3.7B offer that the other owners agree to (I think IIRC that the other owners must also approve the sale price - at least they did when Snyder originally bought it). 

So Snyder can tie the league up in court seeking that extra $300M that the other 31 owners "cost him" as a result of the forced sale. Not sure it's a smart or effective tactic, but I guarantee he has enough lawyers and $ to tie it up. And assuming he CAN do that, would the other 31 owners pony up $10M each (I assume it would come out of the NFL corporate funds as IIRC that entity also has some deep pockets) to just get rid of the guy?

He could also tie them up in in what I call "process suits" => so if they do vote him out, they had better follow all of their bylaws and established processes/precedents to a "T". Otherwise, little Danny will have them in court because they improperly voted him out.

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5 minutes ago, RSkinGM said:

I think he'd fight it tooth and nail in court. Might drag on for months, years . 

Yup. It's why I told someone yesterday that even if they voted him out in March, we'd be looking at 3-5 years (or more) of him as owner. 

Legal Papers served

Lawyers hired/legal teams assembled


Now you have to get the case on the docket

  1. Lawyers respond to the papers and file motions
  2. The hearing for those motions must get on the docket (which can push back the actual case)
  3. Hearing on motions
  4. Appeals filed to what the judge rules on the motions
  5. Hearings on the appeal. 
  6. More motions
  7. More hearings
  8. More appeals
  9. Keep repeating steps 1-8 ad nauseum
  10. Maybe finally get to the actual case
  11. Judge (or jury) rules as "trier of fact"
  12. Verdict comes in
  13. Appeals on the verdict
  14. Appeal has to get on docket
  15. Appeal is ruled on
  16. Appeal to the ruling is taken to another level (depending upon how high it can go Circuit to Appeals to SCOTUS). 

My daughter is 11 now. Just looking at that list above and she might be a college freshman by the time we might see some light at the end of the tunnel

@e16bballplease let me know where I got this timeline wrong (not a lawyer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night)

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@Thaiphoon's points are good.  Makes me think that it really comes down to it would be in Dan's and the league's best interest if snyder decided to sell the team and not be coerced into it.  Not sure how that happens though.

Another point here, if the league does force the sale and someone like Bezos is willing to buy the team for an ungodly amount of money that snyder would be willing to do deal based upon; the league might look the other way in regards to the conflict of interest with AWS in order to get a sale completed without law suits.  My point is the league might hold the sale to a lower standard in terms of approving the owner than they normally would just so they can get a deal done without years of lawsuits.

I have been pretty down on this happening due to lack of any real evidence, but with the latest increased publicity on this, maybe I am wrong and Snyder will get cancel cultured.  When you have momentum building based upon low quality people like Jim Isray, it sure feels a lot more possible.  

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37 minutes ago, JoshstraDaymus said:

If this goes to court and we're tied up in things, how does that affect the team? How does it operate?

Interesting thought. I’d have to imagine being in court would affect Snyder’s cash flow even more and so that would probably affect our ability to sign FAs & re-sign some guys we want to keep after their rookie deals are up.

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