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Are you Smarter than an NFL GM (2022 edition)


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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is back!!!!!! 

Kind of incredible that this is year 7  that we have been doing this (at least in this structure and not just mock drafts). 

As always, I highly recommend you try and make picks in as much of a live setting as you can as I do believe it's a lot of fun (and the difficulty gets ramped up a notch with the pressure on), though if you want to just do one at the end of the draft, that is more than okay. 

The only trades you can make or not make are the ones that the 49ers or the draft slot makes (IE, if you don't make a trade that the niners did make, you will have some variations in your pick selections than the 49ers actually have...in these instances, if a trade is made by the team that holds that pick that the niners no longer have, but you do, you can take that trade if you want). 

As it stands, here are the 49ers picks for the 2022 draft: 









#262 (Mr Irrelevant!) 


As always, the point is to have fun and keep this around for posterity. If you want to check out previous iterations of it, look here for links  where they are broken down by year: 


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I kind of feel like I may have not a lot of changes to what we do this year. Based on who we brought in for visits, really seems like the 49ers are of the same mind in terms of what is needed 

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Insanely tough spot here between Jackson and Travis Jones. Parham is tempting here, but I really think I can take Tom in round 3 if I pass here. 

I'm going to take Drake Jackson I think. Edge has been a pretty standard in the second round. 

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