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Will Bill Belichick break the all-time total wins record?


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Belichick has just turned 70 today. He's just four games away (321) from passing George Halas (324) to move into second place for all-time total wins (regular and postseason). Don Shula owns the record at 347.

I really hope he does. Shula spent the last few years of his life being a petty and spiteful POS.

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That would mean 2 1/2 to 3 more seasons most likely. Is it possible, absolutely if health is not an issue.

I think this year will dictate his future. 10+ win type playoff team, might push him for the extra time needed. If for some reason they are .500 or worse, think he might say I'm out and retiring. 

Other then proving he can win a SB "without" Brady there's literally nothing he needs to prove or accomplish other then that record.

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14 hours ago, HerbertGOAT said:

Definitely. He could probably coach 10 more seasons if he wants to. The guy lives and breathes football.

One thing I can see him doing is after passing Shula he becomes full-time GM and is the "voice in the ear" for whoever succeeds him.

Doing this means no more press conferences.

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1 hour ago, candyman93 said:

Is it crazy to suggest Tomlin could end up breaking this record?

It's the least craziest thing that can be suggested. Dude started coaching at 35 and has never had a losing season

He's 20 years younger than BB and 136 wins behind.. Even if he hits a rough patch and is fired from the Steelers, he should definitely have the opportunity to catch up

Then there's McVay (35 with 55 wins already) who is many years away from this conversation, but is so far ahead of any pace a coach has ever had

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My take is that every year Don Shula and the 72 dolphins annoyingly popped the champange when all team lost their first games

I wanted the patriots to get that 19-0 to make the 72 dolphins move on in life

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