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Last Chance Mock round 4: who's the pick at 133?


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You guys have been helpful with this orphaned team in the Last Chance Mock in the GM Mock forum.  Pick 133 is approaching (on 131 now). 

Here's the Tampa Bay draft so far:  Wyatt, Tolbert, Dylan Parham.  The original GM picked Wyatt.  Someone here picked Tolbert (a sneaky good pick for the long haul), and I picked Parham for you without bothering you guys because it was so obvious to me.  

Now you tell me what you want at 133 and save me the trouble? 

spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15gAZNEwycNV7PFr3E_qezgKPuRCNj0hCCkTz5usLejE/edit?usp=sharing



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so here it is... the mock won't make it past round 5 maybe early 6 so the rest of the 7ths are moot. Hope you like it. Looks like a home run to me.

Devonte Wyatt DT Georgia xlfrosti pick
Jalen Tolbert WR South Alabama TB forum pick
Dylan Parham OL Memphis Dcat
Dameon Pierce RB Florida TB forum pick

TB had no trades:
Rd 1 Wyatt, rd 2 Tolbert, rd 3 Parham, rd 4 Pierce.

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