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Always Sunny Mafia (D4 is Now, N4 is Saturday 10 pm eastern)

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8 minutes ago, Malfatron said:

If i dont need to post here earlier than monday, im in

Roles would go out at the earliest Sunday night if we get enough with monday being the target right now.  You should be fine.  

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1 minute ago, TheKillerNacho said:


I really need 20-24 to run the setup.  I can change the theme/game to work for a much smaller setup, cancel it all together, or wait until we get more interest.  

Thoughts from those that did sign up?


1. @The Orca

2. @TheKillerNacho

3. @DrDoomIQ

4. @Whicker

5. @MWil23

6. @Deadpulse

7. @JoshstraDaymus

8. @Daboyle

9. @Malfatron

10. @Slappy Mc

11. @bcb1213

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Posted (edited)
14 minutes ago, DrDoomIQ said:

Black Man Waiting GIF by Everdale

WTF is this gif? Do you not know the theme or something? Let me give you a recap of the entire show in one scene. The best scene really. 


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