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Always Sunny Mafia (D4 is Now, N4 is Saturday 10 pm eastern)

Pickle Rick

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1 hour ago, Malfatron said:

Okay, since its near endgame im gonna claim my real role. I was lying to prevent my frim being hit

I am frank. 

Notice how it says "trash"

I cannot be lynched and can only be killed with a night hit.

My power is to douse people with gas each night, and the first time that i am lynched, i set it off at night. I also show up in the writeup and survive because i am there

I doused bcb n1, deadpulse n2, and my move failed n3. I was lynched n4, which killed bcb. Deadpulse was already dead. 

I have no more moves. 


If you missed it

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