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Who is Pound for Pound Your Overall Favorite Player in the Draft?

brownie man

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Regardless of round team etc who is your favorite player in the draft? 


Mines is Jahan Dotson. God I hope he falls close enough for the Browns to take him. I think he's going to be a superstar. I love his character, I love his hands, I love his route running, I love his speed, and I love his consistency. 

If he gets to a solid QB I think he's going to be a better player than Drake London, Skyy Moore, George Pickens, and Christian Watson. I also wouldn't be surprised if he ends up better than Chris Olave, and I'm a OSU fan. He's has inconsistent QB player his entire time at Penn State, and  people knock him for his size, but he uses it to his advantage by his ability by not allowing a DB to get their hands on him. He's my dream player for the Browns at 44, but hopefully he at least falls far enough for us to make a reasonable trade up. After watching a ton of guys this year Jahan is my favorite, and the more you learn about the person I just buy into his character more and more. I think he's going to be a superstar as long as he goes to a solid QB. Doesn't have to be Mahomes, but a top 14 guy or better he's gonna ball out. 

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59 minutes ago, Superduperman said:

I really like Khalil Shakir. I think whoever drafts him is going to get another Amon-Ra St. Brown, not a superstar but a guy who's tough, catches the ball, runs after catch, blocks, runs good routes.

11.5% drop rate and some of the shortest arms the position has ever seen. Even under 5’8 Calvin Austin has a whole inch on him in arm length compartment. I’ve seen him have throws bounce off extended finger tips because he just doesn’t have the length. Unfortunate because the rest of his game is pretty solid, except he isn’t really a good blocker so not sure where you got that from.

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