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Wyld Stallyns

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Colts picks 

R2-P53 (from GB thru Minn) Alec Pierce WR Cincinnati 

R3-P73 (from Wash) - Jelani Woods TE Virginia 

R3-P77 (from Minn) - Bernhard Raimann T Central Michigan 

R3-P96 (from Denver) - Nick Cross S Maryland 

R5-P159 - Eric Johnson II DT Missouri St

R6-192 (from Minn) - TE Andrew Ogletree Youngstown St

R6-216 (Comp Pick) - DT Curtis Brooks Cincinnati 

R7-239 (from Philly) - DB Rodney Thomas Yale 


Team Needs:

Major Needs

WR, TE, CB, LT (long term option) 

Depth Needs 

OL, DL, HB, WR, QB (future/potentially not from this draft) 

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I think that as of next Monday, the comp pick formula for next season ends for free agent signings. So expect the Colts to sign veterans for some of those needs not addressed in the draft.

Plus the staff really expects Ryan “to play at least 2 years”, as they did with Rivers and Wentz. The staff is also very high on Sam Ehlinger but how he progresses over the next year or two is very important towards their decision to draft a replacement down the road. 

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I thought I posted about Raimann here before the draft, but I cannot find it.  Quite frankly, I think he is a steal.  Like someone else mentioned a lot of mocks had the COlts taking him in the 2nd and he had a 2nd round grade.  But I also think he's a day 1 starter.  He will struggle and if the colts didn't have Q next to him I would not be so confident in his ability to start, but watching all of the game films I could find on the internet, I have been very impressed with this kid.  

Once he learns to keep his elbows pointed towards his body when he engages with a defender he's going to be super tough for a defender to beat.


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