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AZ’s final mock (no trades)


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2-39 OT Bernhard Raimann, Central Michigan

Per NFL.com:

“With alluring athleticism and an impressive skill set, Raimann is just scratching the surface of his potential. His initial transition from tight end to left tackle occurred in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, making his rapid transformation fairly remarkable. He is a much better technician than he should be at this stage, but his approach is also mechanical and he could struggle against sophisticated edge defenders until he learns to diversify his pass sets and hand usage. Raimann's instincts and fundamentals at the position are still in a developmental phase so bumps in the road are expected, but his best football is ahead of him and he should become a long-time starter at left tackle.”

Looked the part at the Senior Bowl and has top tier athletic metrics. His age works against him (25) which contributes to him being available here, but he’s a solid addition with big upside. I personally don’t care about his age - he’ll be in the league 6 years before it’s potentially an issue. That’s an eternity. In an ideal world he starts right away and Borom is a capable 3-year swing tackle for us at a bargain basement cost. 


2-48 WR Skyy Moore, Western Michigan 

Per Bleacher Report:

“Overall, Moore should be a reliable auxiliary option to start his career, with his ability to operate inside and outside making him very useful. He is not the most overwhelming athlete, but he truly makes the most of each target. He is a good route runner with reliable hands and enough athletic ability to win versus man coverage and pressed cornerbacks. He has the upside of being a good No. 2-type option who can move around the formation and be a chain mover on short and intermediate routes.”

I mentioned last week it seems we’re using the KC or GB model of having one star WR (Mooney in our iteration) and then a bunch of guys who fit roles behind them. Moore fits the Mecole Hardman role (jet sweeps, drags, WR screens, go routes) with explosive speed and huge YAC potential. He’s built like a RB at 195 lb despite being just 5’9”. Just seems ready made for an immediate role in the slot for us. 


3-71 OG Luke Goedeke, Central Michigan 

Per NFL.com:

“Tight end turned tackle whose final landing spot could be at guard due to a lack of necessary length. Goedeke is a rancorous run blocker with a talent for rooting opponents off the spot. He balances a surly field demeanor with above-average technique and frequently sustains and finishes the block like an NFL veteran. He has put the time in to build out his frame but shorter arms will offer matchup challenges from time to time. Goedeke had a strong 2021 season against modest competition, but his strengths profile well as a good starter with the ability to make an impact sooner rather than later.”

Much like his college teammate, he looked fully legit at the Senior Bowl. He’s got the movement skills and angry temperament Poles says he desires as an IOL. I think he competes with a vet but gets on the field really early for us. Maybe week 1 early. 


5-148 CB Alontae Taylor, Tennessee

Per NFL.com:

“Long-limbed cornerback with the size and top-end speed for bump-and-run duties on bigger targets. He also has the length and anticipation for teams emphasizing Cover 2/Cover 3. He's confident and feisty but allows separation from off-man coverage due to his high-cut frame and leggy transitions. He does a nice job of reading quarterbacks and making his way to the throw but his burst to close is slightly below average and might offer limited pass-breakup production. Taylor is a dependable backup with eventual starting potential whose special teams talent could push him ahead of similar cornerbacks.”

Prototype size and high end speed (4.36), Taylor is a developmental potential starter at corner who comes with ST gunner experience which makes him an immediate asset even if not on defense. Here he competes with Graham and probably a vet opposite Jaylon Johnson. 


5-150 LB Terrel Bernard, Baylor

Per NFL.com: 

“Undersized sub-package nickel linebacker with special-teams value on the next level. Bernard possesses elite intangibles and teams will be drawn to him because of it. He's resilient, productive and showed a willingness to play through pain. However, Bernard lacks the desired frame and play strength and will face scrutiny surrounding his injury history. He needs space to operate and has the speed for man-cover duties as a pro. If the medicals check out, he should be a Day 3 pick with sub-package value.”

Good speed for the position and slightly undersized (6’1” 224 lb), Bernard projects to early sub package potential with a bigger role in time. Notable leadership traits. Probably a 4-phase ST player right away. 


6-186 WR Isaiah Weston, Northern Iowa

Per NFL.com:

“One-speed route runner with the height, weight and speed to beat up on FCS opponents down the field. His primary function was to stretch and challenge defenses vertically, but he appears to have the physical tools to become a more nuanced route runner with more coaching. Weston will find that getting a clean release and outracing an NFL cornerback will be a much greater challenge. The downfield ball skills can be spectacular at times and his productivity would have skyrocketed with a more accurate quarterback. There is upside worthy of exploring but it might be as a late-round pick with an early home on the practice squad.”

At this point in the draft I think you’re selecting on traits or for ST value. Weston has traits in spades at 6’3” 214 lb with elite athleticism at that size (9.62 RAS; 4.42 40 and 40” vertical). He’s essentially ESB from 4 years ago without the ND pedigree. If he can make the transition from Northern Iowa to the big time he could develop into a genuine difference maker. I don’t expect that to be in 2022 but I wouldn’t rule out him earning a roster spot and some niche role early, particularly in the red zone.



QB Zerrick Cooper, Jacksonville State 

Was a Clemson recruit who transferred to Jax St. after Clemson landed Trevor Lawrence. Went on to be the all-time leading passer there. Solid athleticism. PS signing.

RB Master Teague, Ohio State

Limited skill set as a receiver and some injury history but I like his goal line traits. Probably a PS guy. 

CB Faion Hicks, Wisconsin 

Non-combine invitee with great athletic ability (4.37 40, 3.94 SS, 6.78 3-cone) and NFL NB size (5’10” 192 lb). Could he potentially steal a reserve spot from Shelley/Vildor? I think so. 



QB Fields, Siemien 

RB Montgomery. Herbert, Evans, Blasingame

WR Mooney, Pringle, Moore, Weston, Newsome, ESB (TBD FA?)

TE Kmet, Griffin, O’Shaunessey, Horsted

OT Jenkins, Raimann, Borom, Davenport

OG Whitehair, Goedeke, TBD FA

OC Patrick, Mustipher


DE Quinn, Gipson, Muhammad, Kamara

DT Jones, Tonga, Blackson, Edwards (TBD FA?)

LB Smith, Morrow, Bernard, Adams, Dawkins, C Johnson, Thomas (TBD FA?)

CB Johnson, TBD FA, Young, Graham, Taylor, Hicks

S Jackson, DHC, Cruikshank, TBD FA


K Santos 

P TBD FA/rookie

LS Scales

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50 minutes ago, Sugashane said:

Love the first four picks but only know Master Teague afterwards. Moore reminds me of what I wished James Washington would have been. 

Weston got some run on Twitter as a HWS guy a little while back. Might just be the new Tanner Gentry!

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Very interesting outcome with the teammates ending up being drafted together. I like both of those guys decent enough, I wouldn’t be extatoc for either, but there’s nothing wrong with that when it comes to Lineman, they just need to execute so we don’t notice them. 

Taylor makes sense, so does the rest of the draft.

Im just not sure what I feel about Skyy. So much to like, so much to worry about. But the pick does make sense 

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