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2022 NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion Thread


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10 hours ago, CBears019 said:



Before this gets going tonight please remember - Don’t spoil draft picks - We’ve all got Twitter and know that all the reporters tweet out the draft picks before they are announced on TV.  Many people still like waiting for it to be announced live in TV to learn of the selection.  No one is going to think you’re the next big ESPN NFL insider and offer you a job because you posted who the next draft picks is on footballsfuture.com before it was announced.  Don’t spoil that for those people (myself included), especially during a draft that’s supposed to be as unpredictable as this one.

Also when the Bears make their selection(s), and you don’t like who or what position they took, take a deep breath before coming here to post death threats to Ryan Poles and anyone who dare like that draft pick.  I know this is an emotionally charged weekend with all the anticipation that’s been building the whole year, but don’t do something stupid because of emotion.  In the end it’s just a game.


This is the busiest time of year on this site, so expect it to run slower than usual.  Consider adding this forum to a favorites tab to makes things easier in yourself.

Enjoy and go Bears!

This is why I blocked you. 

Let me be me!


I didn't even realize the draft was today until I got here. 😅

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8 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

This is a nice gesture. I still remember his long run against Indy in week 1.....you could tell then he was something special.

I will never forget seeing Forte live in London run through the Bucs for a TD...was an amazing play.

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28 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

I can't wait to watch you rage about all of the player sob stories.  It has slowly became the most underrated part of the draft.

Lol fortunately they really toned it down last year.  But that 2020 draft?  Wow.  In the early stages of a worldwide pandemic, people don’t know what’s going on, people are dying, stores running out of basic supplies, quarantines everywhere, so much uncertainty.  But finally, we get to the NFL draft and get to take our minds off of everything else for just one weekend……


ESPN producers:  Let’s talk about the most depressing **** ever after each pick!!!

Simon Cowell GIF by America's Got Talent


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