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Round 1 Pick 3: CB Derek Stingley Jr.


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Mel Kiper Jr. calls LSU's Derek Stingley Jr. the most polarizing player in  the 2022 NFL Draft





Uniquely gifted cornerback with rare blend of size, speed and explosiveness that will have teams willing to judge his upside off of tape from two seasons ago. Stingley played in just 10 games over the last two years, offering flashes of his upside rather than sustained play. Regardless of season, he's long, loose and extremely athletic. Elite speed and ball skills give him a chance to thrive as a bump-and-run corner capable of shadowing top talent around the field. He allows some separation from off-man but bursts to close distance instantly. He's well-suited for a variety of zone coverages but needs to play with much better zeal and toughness in run support. Stingley will likely measure and test like Marshon Lattimore, Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie (depending on his weight), but he needs to find that breakthrough 2019 form in order to reach his potential as a lockdown cover talent.

I'm pumped!  He is worth the risk.

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On 4/30/2022 at 6:12 AM, biggio7 said:

If it's freshman year Stingley then it's amazing.

There are some that think Sophomore Stingley was just as good… 


The next two seasons were not quite the same for Stingley from a numbers perspective. His allowed completion rate jumped to 45%, his forced incompletion rate fell to 17% and he didn’t record an interception. Yet, his technique was on par and even better than it was in 2019. Stingley grew up as a cornerback in his last two years of college football but didn’t get to showcase himself as much. He missed games and played on a bad defense for two seasons.

…When you see only 36 targets in two seasons, there aren't many chances to make plays on the ball. Comparatively, he saw 94 targets in 2019 alone. Stingley allowed 50 catches in his college career, but what routes those receptions came on tells us more about what type of player he is.

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@ET80 Yes, the defense.. well the whole team really went down hill after Burrow and company left plus covid filled everything. I don't think he quit on the team because of his injuries but it's hard to tell sometimes.

Again, the covid stuff plus all the high profile talent either went to the NFL or just sat out 2020. I feel like he needs to play up to the talent around him to keep him great. It's tough because you can't judge the mental side of it.

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Late to the party but I love this pick. 

Yes there are concerns over his injury, but healthy, this guy has All-Pro potential.

When you're picking in the top 5, in my opinion, you have to take gamechangers, i.e. QB, WR, EDGE, CB

Very few franchises taking "safe" picks in the top 5 turn their franchises around.

Even if he's off the roster in 2 years I'm OK with this pick. You have to gamble.

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